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Mr Perswall Fashion Black Suit P140301-4 Black White Grey

Product Name Black Suit
Product Code P140301-4
Manufacturer Mr Perswall
Collection The Fashion collection
Colour Black White Grey
Unit KG
Size 1.8m x 2.65m

Product Description: You'll find it couldn't be simpler to put your own creation or one of ours up on your wall. That's because our wallpapers are made of non-woven material ? they're called easy-up wallpapers. So what is easy-up wallpaper? Well, to put it simply, these are dimensionally stable wallpapers that you hang in the easiest possible way: you apply the paste straight on the walls and then match the pattern and place the lengths edge-to-edge. The characteristics of the?wallpaper?is determined by the textile fibers contained in the wallpaper pulp. The textile makes the strips of wallpaper easy to work with and as strong as bank notes ? they?re actually made of the same non-woven material. Thanks to the fibres, the wallpaper allows moisture to pass through and the walls to breathe.? This means that any damp patches that appear when you hang your wallpaper will disappear within about 24 hours as soon as the wallpaper has dried. So,?if you ever want to paper over your EasyUp walls, you can forget the sandpaper and putty ? the walls are already smooth! Quick, easy and reliable. This design can also be customized to exactly fit your wall size. Please contact us for more details.