Our aluminium chain screens are used in all manner of doors and windows where pest control is important.

One of the chief virtues of our aluminium chain screens is the non-chemical pest control of most flying insects and birds. They provide a really effective barrier to all but the minutest of flying insects.

These screens are so effective because they present a physical barrier that is closely strung, heavy enough not to billow in an air current and with a shimmer - all of which presents an almost total discouragement to flying pests.

In kitchens, their use permits the free flow of air so that a fly free kitchen does not have to mean an uncomfortably hot working atmosphere. There is no need to spray harmful chemicals, or hear the sound of frying insects. Any size screen can be made - which is useful if your door is not a standard size as is often the case, for example, with conservatory doors.

Ready Made Stripe Screens or Plain door chain screens are available in a range of six stripe choices and also plain aluminium. Patterned door chain screens are available in a range of 11 choices - all in two basic sizes: 30" x 78" (76cm x 198cm) 36" x 78"(91cm x 198cm) Custom made Plain Screens can be of any size and in any of our colours. Stripe Screens can be of any size and any - or all - of our colours can be used in the creation of vertical stripes of your own design.



Fly Screens