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Velux Blinds

If you have VELUX windows then you will know firsthand the meticulous engineering and thoughtful designing which gives them such a beautiful and professional finish.

This holds equally true for VELUX blinds and accessories which are exclusively contracted to companies with the product range and installation expertise to do them justice. Here at Amity we not only have thirty-five years of technical-mechanical and installation experience applicable to servicing any fitting scenario, but are also certified to offer the VELUX ranges in their entirety.

These include VELUX roller blinds, blackout roller blinds (“Siesta” blinds), pleated blinds, venetian blinds, outdoor awning blinds, roller shutters and insect screens, all designed by VELUX to be compatible with all of their windows and mechanical systems including electronically automated operation for hard-to-reach windows or simply convenience.

All you need to do is note the data plate code number in the bottom right-hand corner of your window - no measuring is required – and choose from the extensive range of both `standard` and `premium` VELUX products, styles and colours on show here at the Amity showroom.

Roller Blinds

Keep it simple: Light adjustment and privacy


  • Diffuses incoming sunlight
  • Provides basic privacy
  • Available in 37 colours and designs
  • Installs in minutes with our unique Pick&Click® system

VELUX roller blinds are a simple, attractive way to soften incoming daylight and achieve privacy



Available in 37 colours and designs


Blackout Blinds

Total darkness at any time

  • 100% blackout
  • Step-less positioning
  • Slim design integrates perfectly with your roof window
  • Reflective back coating improves insulation
  • Installs in minutes with our unique Pick&Click® system
  • 40 different colours and designs


VELUX Blackout blinds offer a light-proof seal for total darkness anytime. They are ideal in bedrooms, where you need complete light control to ensure a good night's sleep or a restful nap during the day. Our Blackout blinds fit perfectly with your VELUX roof windows and they come in a wide range of colours and patterns to complement any interior.




Duo Blackout Blinds


Two blinds in one for 24/7 Blackout and light adjustment

  • Total blackout anytime
  • Softly diffuses incoming daylight
  • Step-less positioning
  • Slim design integrates perfectly with your roof window 
  • Reflective back coating improves insulation
  • Installs in minutes with our unique Pick&Click® system


The VELUX Duo blackout blind is a blackout blind and a pleated blind in one. It offers the best of both worlds: total blackout anytime and softly diffused natural light all day. It’s ideal for kids room, where the right light balance is necessary for both play and sleep. Our decorative Duo blackout blind is available in four different blackout blind colours in combination with a white pleated blind.




Energy Blinds

Flexible Light control and effective insulation


  • Blackout effect
  • Improves insulation by up to 21%
  • Flexible and step-less positioning 
  • Sleek design with no visible cords
  • Installs in minutes with our unique Pick&Click!® system
  • Available in nine colours


VELUX Energy blinds feature a double-pleated blackout cloth with an aluminium honeycomb structure inside that improves insulation by up to 21%. And because they are not fixed at the top or bottom, they can be positioned anywhere in the window to provide variable blackout, light control and privacy.




Venetian Blinds

A clean, classic look for humid rooms


  • Ideal for high humid areas such as bathrooms and kitchens
  • Easy to clean
  • Optimum light adjustment
  • Unique design lets you easily tilt the slats in any direction to control the angle of incoming light
  • Cordless operation means no hanging cords
  • Tilting grip can be placed at your preferred height
  • Installs in minutes with our unique Pick&Click® system


Low-maintenance, moisture-resistant VELUX Venetian blinds are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. These cordless, moisture-resistant blinds are easy to clean, and their unique design eliminates unsightly hanging cords. Simply tilt the slats in any direction to adjust the angle and amount of incoming light. Venetian blinds are great when you want to enjoy your view and a little privacy.




Pleated Blinds

The flexible choice for softening daylight


  • Softly diffuses incoming daylight
  • Elegant, decorative lighting effect
  • Flexible and step-less positioning
  • 33 different colours and designs
  • Slim, elegant side rails and top case
  • Patented design
  • Installs in minutes with our unique Pick&Click® system


An elegant way to provide privacy, VELUX pleated blinds bathe your room in a pleasant, soft light. They can be positioned anywhere in the window to adjust the amount of incoming light while still preserving your view. Our Pleated blinds are available in a wide range of colours and styles to complement the décor of your room.




Awning Blinds


Effective heat protection on a sunny day

  • Reduce passive heating by up to 90%
  • Transparent net fabric allows light into the room and preserves your view
  • Operated from the inside
  • Easily installed from inside your home


Exterior VELUX Awning blinds block the sun’s rays before they hit your window pane to reduce passive heating by up to 90%. They help keep your room comfortable on a warm, sunny day. Best of all, our Awning blinds are transparent, so you can still enjoy your view and an abundance of natural light. VELUX Awning blinds are easy to install from inside your home.



Insect Screens

Hello Fresh air, goodbye bugs!

  • Keep unwanted visitors at bay 
  • Durable, transparent net fabric does not obstruct your view
  • Fits perfectly with your VELUX roof window


With VELUX Insect screens you can keep your view and the fresh air while you keep out the bugs. Our Insect screens are simple to operate, stowed neatly away in the slim top casing when not in use and they make a perfect fit with your VELUX roof window.